Gracie Humaita St. Louis


Chicago Winter Open Crew!Chicago Winter Open Crew!

Gracie Humaita Columbia, MO, Gracie Humaita Springfield, IL and Gracie Humaita St. Louis, MO sent a great group of competitors. Everyone did great Shawn Woods and Mark Commean walk away with bronze medals at brown belt. Joey Walters wins gold at purple belt. Kirk Davis wins silver at purple. Scott Roper wins bronze at purple. Josh Severit wins silver in no gi blue. Michael Collins wins bronze in bluebelt. Tyler Bishop places 2nd in brown belt . Great job team lots of close matches! Win or lose everyone did awesome! with Steve Cassidy, Kirk Davis, Jena Bishop, Tyler Bishop, Josh Onkle, Joey Walters, Josh Severit and Brystol Buchanan.