Gracie Humaita St. Louis


2010 Pan American Black Belt Master Super Feather Weight Champion Professor JW Wright - RGDA MO/Grappling Concepts

I just wanted to take a minute and tell everyone involved with the RGDA and Grappling Concepts thank you for your support on my quest to become Pan American champion. To say I was well prepared for this championship is an understatement. I took this tournament more serious than anything I have ever done. And to be the first Black belt Pan American champion in not just the state but in the Midwest I feel very blessed that all the hard work paid off. There is a group of people I must say thank you to. To Royler Gracie and David Adiv for blessing me with the worlds purest form of jiujitsu. To my Grappling Concepts family, blue belts Derek , Rob and Tim. For letting me do rep after rep after rep morning and night practicing my game plan that worked to perfection. To Mike Lindner, Steve Yount and Matt Harbison for keeping the kids and adult programs running smooth. To training partners Dustin "Clean" Denes and Kyle Watson for making me pay for what didn't work and praising me for what did. Little Brian a big thank you for making the trip to keep me and the team organized. And to Keith Robinson for starting me on the path of a healthy diet and putting my mind in the right place the night before the event. And of course my family for the sacrifice of hours of being away from them. It takes more people to build a champion than just the man on the mat! For this I am truly blessed.

Thank you all again.